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Nantucket is a Place for Healing

Yoga Festival Coming This Weekend

“I was feelin' the blues
I was watching the news
When this fella came on the TV
He said I'm tellin' you
That science has proven
That heartaches are healed by the sea”

When I think of Nantucket, this portion of Garth Brooks’ song Two Pina Coladas comes to mind.  Nantucket is a place for healing. No matter your troubles, this island can hold the key.  Growing up on this island mecca of new beginnings, I have watched the yoga community grow and flourish.  Now we are just days away from the first-ever Yoga Festival.  This small town island girl believes it could lift and heal the spirits who inhabit The Little Gray Lady.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the island feels lighter and more at ease this weekend.  It would all be because of a collective group that has one intention: find peace within.

Not only does this island festival feature yoga of all levels, but also workshops that are geared towards all that yoga encompasses: learning to fly, the art of letting go, for example.  Meditations will include transcendence, and also the secrets to radiant health.  Now that’s quite the line-up!

I have gone to a few yoga retreats, festivals and the like.  I have always left feeling a sense of over-all wellbeing and peace, as well as being able to prioritize my life.  I highly suggest participating in this wondrous event if you are able to.  I know you will leave feeling a sense of accomplishment, as well as a new lease on life.

The Yoga Festival will have a welcoming party with many special guests, including Ben Ripple from Big Tree Farms.  Kristen Kellogg's feature on his innovative company will be showing at the opening night as well.  Thursday night July 26th 2012.  The festival will take place during the day Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th, work-shops begin at 8:00 am and run until 5:30 pm each day.

To find out more information and purchase tickets please visit their website:


~Namaste Nantucket~

[if you are unable to go for a full day, there will also be a Free Yoga Class for all on Friday, July 27th from 12:45 to 1:45pm.  I love that this festival is giving back by making this experience available to anyone open to experiencing a new beginning.