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Nantucket Holiday Decorating with Greens from Bartlett's

The very first time I flew into to Nantucket, my godmother picked me up from the airport still wearing her beach coverup with her tousled, sand-dazzling hair still wet with the sea spray she had to leave behind to come get me. Too late in the day to go back to the beach. yet too early to head home, it was a perfect, golden August afternoon – so as soon as we had piled into the windows-down SUV, she floored the gas pedal and excitedly announced we were going to Bartlett’s! Going “to pick up a few things” – but I didn’t have any idea what “Bartlett’s" was.

When we first arrived, we perused beautiful hydrangeas and potting plants in the afternoon sun, so I presumed Bartlett’s was a garden nursery. When I saw other beach-dressed summer islanders walking by carrying fresh corn and tomatoes, I thought Bartlett’s must be a farmer’s market. Heading indoors, we sampled delicious lobster salad from the deli, picked up a beautiful fresh blackberry pie, and then I witnessed the vast selection of cocktail napkins, hostess gifts, cookbooks, and wine. I finally realized Bartlett’s was indeed a farm, a garden center, a gift shop, a grocery, a wine store, and more all in one!

This must be why islanders, washashoresmand vacationers all know of Bartlett’s, and why even the gorgeous beaches don’t preclude Bartlett’s from being a must-do, must-see destination on Nantucket. If this is true in the summertime, it’s even truer in the winter and especially with the holidays coming for those needing to procure greenery for decorating! Bartlett’s is a great resource for greenery and other holiday décor.

Seven generations of the Bartlett family have been supplying the islanders with everything from fresh vegetables and prepared foods to books and home décor. Along with friendly, knowledgeable staff, you will also a garden center carrying annuals, perennials, organic herbs, organic vegetable starts, shrubs, trees, pottery, gardening supplies and garden care products. We visit in the garden center with John Bartlett, President, in this video:

For decorating your home, Bartlett’s offers traditional bowers and garlands of evergreen, holly, winterberries, magnolia sprigs, and pinecones. Fresh greenery, whether it's cut from the garden or purchased, is a renewable resource and a quick way to infuse your home with that lovely holiday scent.

The shops and the trees lining the streets in town are inspiration for decorating for the holidays. Professional landscapers and homeowners alike often buy branches of greenery and berries to decorate Island homes for the holidays. See below for creative ways to use garlands and greenery to dress up your home for the holidays.

Garland made from evergreens can be used in a number of ways – down a staircase, on a mantel, or even on the outside as an entry accent. Paperwhites can offer a beautiful delicate look for the holidays. If you are looking for a new type of winter greenery or in the mood for a more clean fresh feel this year, try filling up your favorite container with logs, branches and lights and place inside for a festive cozy glow.

Decorating outdoors can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but Bartlett’s will hold a wreath class on Saturday and Sunday of Christmas Stroll, during which you can decorate and take home a balsam wreath for you or as a gift. Let Bartlett’s plant your window boxes, porch pots and hanging baskets!

Send a hand-decorated, double-sided balsam wreath to friends and loved ones all over the United States. They will be thrilled to receive this in time to enjoy it for the holiday season. Decorated with pine cones, statice, scallop shells and red berries, this is a gift that will be appreciated and remembered. Don't forget to get one for yourself! Shipping is included. Shipping begins week of November 24. Order deadline is December 12. 

These personalized crocks designed exclusively for Bartlett's Farm are 100% American made. They make great gifts, year-round and will last for years! Available in 1 gallon, 2 gallon, and 3 gallon sizes - 1 gallon is the perfect counter top crock to hold spatulas, wooden spoons and kitchen implements; 2 gallon is great as an ice bucket or to hold a plant; 3 gallon holds kindling or a large plant, and it looks great by the front door. Your family's last name, house name, street, or favorite Nantucket place are a few ideas to make this crock unique to you or your gift recipient! 

A beautiful coffee table or kitchen cookbook about the history of the farm, this collection of gorgeous photography and seventy-five mouth-watering recipes features fresh produce from Bartlett’s Farm. Written By Barbara Gookin, this hardback edition will make a great gift or a long-lasting keepsake of your trip to Nantucket.

Find the great items mentioned in this article and everything you need for holiday decorating at 33 Bartlett Farm Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554 or call (508) 228-9403.