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Holidays with Kids - Thank Goodness for Petite Travelers!

With so many families flocking to Nantucket for the Thanksgiving holiday, the island has been abuzz with activity. For families traveling with children this season, a different set of resources is called for to make the holiday seamlessly enjoyable for parents and kids alike. Fortunately, just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your little one’s favorite bouncer seat or set of toys. Local mom-preneur Rebecca Becker-Mailloux started Petite Travelers in 2007 to fill the gap in the market for baby equipment rentals on Nantucket. This week we take you in store at Petite Travelers located on 159 Orange Street, a highly visible spot on the way into the town of Nantucket, where kid-friendly products and services are sought after by families with “petite travelers.” 

Petite Travelers is your go-to source for renting safe and clean baby products while vacationing on Nantucket. Priced affordably for families, the store offers a pick-up and drop-off service for the ultimate convenience factor. It's safe to say, Petite Traveler's rental business and retail shop is one of the few baby-related Nantucket establishments that carries such a unique and "green" selection of necessities and fun accessories for children!

Petite Travelers stocks a unique selection of products, from time-tested classics like “piece-less” toys and Nantucket knit sweaters to innovative products such as the "Tug Boat" - a chubby, playful plastic tugboat that doubles as a toy before dinner, then separates into a plate, a bowl, and a cup when its time to eat. The owner Becky stays up-to-speed on the baby trends and keeps up with new gear every day, month and year. She really understands the specific needs of her customer.

Whale Toy Chest, Petite Travelers Nantucket

This adorable Whale Toy Chest is the perfect organizational tool for any room. With sides reinforced by cardboard, the toy chest stands at attention even when empty and the lid keeps all toys out of sight.

For a classic holiday gift, these Uncle Goose Italian ABC Blocks will last a lifetime and promise hourse of stimulating play around the Christmas treet for your little traveler all season long!

Petite Travelers carries many eco-friendly products made in the US. Becky ensures that every product sold has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Cleanliness is a core value and exceeds the expectations of the most discriminating customers. Petite Traveler's baby rental gear is even cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning products like 7th Generation.

For those folks who are off island but know a new mother, you can order Petite Travelers' Welcome Baby Basket right here on Nantucket Chronicle's Marketplace. The basket includes some handy things for new parents to get started! Basket sales also help The Nantucket Cottage Hospital - 5% of all sales go directly to rebuilding & growing our local hospital. The items are packaged nicely in a cute decorative pink & green suitcase, pulled together with lovely ribbbon & tissue paper, and wrapped in cello.

If you're on Nantucket with any little ones this season, be sure to stop by Petite Travelers! Having quickly become an island staple, Petite Travelers remains open 12 months out of the year for both rentals and shopping. Keep it in mind for Stroll, Daffodil, or whenever your next time on island will be. Even if you're not on island until next summer, if you know of any little kids elsewhere who need these fun, earth-friendly, and stylish items, keep in mind Petite Travelers will ship all over! Call 508.221.1081 or visit