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What's In Store? at Peachtrees

Peachtrees, located right on Main Street, is getting ready for the fall and winter seasons.  The theme they are going with is fun colorful flowers.  They are also keeping in mind all the people who text while trying to keep warm.

People who love to text but find it difficult to do while wearing gloves will love the new fingerless gloves at Peachtrees.  These gloves come in a variety of colors and patterns.  The gloves are made out of wool so your hands will remain warm even while you’re texting.  Each pair of gloves has a cute flower on the wrist as well.  ($29)  Adorable!

If you are looking for a scarf to match the fingerless gloves have no fear:  Peachtrees also has a supply of scarves made by the same company.  The scarves are also made out of wool and come in an assortment of pastels, solids, and patterns.  Each scarf has a cluster of flowers similar to the ones on the gloves.  ($52)

Another fun flowery item you can find at Peachtrees are the cute silk poppies for your hair.  You can get a headband with two flowers, a set of two clips with varying colors, or three clips with similar colors.  These poppies are perfect for any time of year and any occasion, and short or long hair.  (Headband $25, Two Clips $16, Three Clips $26)

Peachtrees, 19 Main Street, Nantucket 02554 508-228-8555