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What's in Store? at Parchment

There are many cute shops on Nantucket that sell clothing, but only a few that sell personalized stationery and other fun paper related items.  One such amazing store is Parchment, located on Washington Street.  The owner, Heidi, is friendly and her little store has so much to offer.

The Pantone Collection has a lot of cool items.  These color squares with their own numbers are quite popular with designers around the world.  Parchment has Pantone tins, notebooks, post cards, and cute mugs.  There is even a big book of Pantone colors.  These items are a perfect gift for any designer friend.  (Tins $24, Notebooks $9-$20, Postcards $20, Mugs $14.50)

A very popular theme at Parchment is the Nantucket-related items.  You can surely find anything related to the island whether it is pads or stationery.   There is the ever popular zip code pad or the long pad with little Nantuckets printed along the bottom.  There are also the note card with an image of the island, the ferry, and all three lighthouses.  (Zip Code Pad $34, Island Pad $22.50, Stationery $16)

My favorite items at Parchment are the ones with mermaids on them.  I’ve always loved mermaids and, luckily, so does this store.  I was able to find the sweetest mermaid stationery here and instantly jumped at the opportunity to get it.  They also provide note pads with the same mermaid print.  For those of you who are looking for a cute card to send a friend you can find a mermaid one here as well.  (Stationery $16, Pad $22.50, Card $6)

For those who are seeking personalized stationery Parchment can also provide it.  They offer a sweet box that has four spots and holds 100 cards.  Each spot can hold 25 cards of one style so you can have four different styles with your last name or the name of each member of the family.  It's perfect for invitations or when you are sending a thank you note to someone.  (With Basic Envelope Holders $278)

Parchment, 11 Washington Street, Nantucket 02554  Tel:  508-228-4110  Hours:  M-F 10am to 5pm; Saturday 11 - 4; closed Sundays.