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What's In Store? at One Orange

A pop-up new this summer

One Orange is a brand new men’s store located right on the corner of Main Street and Orange Street in town.  It was created in just ten days by three close friends.  One of the few pop-up stores here on island this summer, filling some empty storefronts, One Orange  went from 3 brands to 15 in just a few days. One Orange sells many fun and colorful brands for young and stylish men.

One of the items you can find in One Orange are the Jack Robie shirts and pocket squares.  These shirts come in many colors and patterns.  They have a fitted bottom and loose top to make a comfortable fit.  They are perfect for work or for evenings out on the island. (Shirts $130, Pocket Squares $29)

There are also the Incotex pants that are made in Italy.  These pants are 50% cotton and 50% linen.  They come in beige, navy, brown, and black.  Light weight yet perfect for any man.  ($265)

Ties are very creative and fun at One Orange.  Made by General Knot & Co, each tie is made of recycled vintage material and has a number telling you how many of that color and pattern were made.  Perfect for any time of year, they come in many colors and patterns.  ($98)

Next look at the Norman Hilton dress jackets.  These jackets are also available in many colors and are the perfect item for any businessman or a summer evening out.  They also go well with the Jack Robie shirts and pocket squares, the General Knot & Co ties, and the Incotex pants.  The jackets are made in New York City, not abroad, which is terrific.  ($595)

Another item available here are the ever-popular Randolph Engineering sunglasses.  These military grade sunglasses are perfect for the island sun.  Randolph Engineering originally made these sunglasses for the Army and Navy, but over the years they have been making sunglasses for the public. Very cool and very functional.  (Sunglasses $109-$230)

One Orange also sells shoes just right for summer.  The first brand is the canvas and chambray shoes by Soludos.  They come in many fun colors bold or stripes that are just right for home or the beach.  ($40)

Another pair of shoes they will soon be offering are the Swims.  These rubber shoes can be worn at the beach, boating, at home, or at a cocktail party.  Versatile! ($145)

For the gentleman or young boy who wants to wear a comfortable yet stylish shirt, look at the Robert Redd shirts at One Orange.  These shirts come in a variety of solid colors: brights, neutrals, and darks.  They also come with stripes. ($60-$95)

There are also t-shirts and hats made by the surf company Voy Voy ($35-$45).  They are perfect for summer and match well with the Gerry St. Tropez men’s swimsuits.  These bathing suits come in so many fun colors including light turquoise and a nice purple.  They are made in France. ($155)

Also available are the D Brand windbreakers.  If you’re ever caught on a windy rainy day here on the island just put on one of these useful but stylish jackets.  For men and women, they come in red, black, or navy.  ($195)

Also, if you ever find yourself in need of a great bag for your clothes, phone, or laptop One Orange has just the thing for you.  There are cell phone cases and bags made by J. W. Hulme Co. out in Minnesota.  They are made of leather and canvas and come in red, yellow, navy, or black.  They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Perfect for any kind of travel, but especially good for weekends or overnights.  ($95-$990)

One Orange is, unsurprisingly, located at One Orange Street, and is open every day from 10am-8:30pm.  Their number is 508-228-2877.