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James Robinson and R. Simantov, Fine Jewlery and Silver, is now open at 2 South Beach Street


When two extraordinary artists come together in one store, magic happens.  Reubin Simantov and James Boening, colleagues for over twenty years, opened their shared space at 2 South Beach Street in Nantucket a scant two weeks ago.  Featuring exquisite hand crafted jewelry designed by Simantov and handmade sterling silver flatware as well as jewelry created by James Boening and his family, the shop is a jewel in its own right.  Already they are doing a flourishing business.

Reubin Simantov creates classical jewelry that is reimagined for the twenty-first century. Passionate about his work, he designs using techniques of the past to create styles of the present.  Each unique hand crafted masterpiece has a story behind it.  Intuitive about people, Simantov sees each piece of jewelry as a collaboration between the artist and the wearer.  He gets to know each client before creating a piece for him or her.  More than a designer, Simantov is an artist, a historian, and a poet, and all three inform the jewelry he makes.

James Robinson Inc., well known in New York City, was established in 1912, and it has been a family company ever since. James Boening, named after his grandfather who started the company, comes from a family dynasty of silversmiths.  He started working in the store when he was only fourteen years old, and he has never stopped. Consequently, he has learned all aspects of the business. Originally James Robinson Inc. specialized in antique silver and a bit of jewelry, but it has grown dramatically in the last nine decades. Today, it is the last company still producing handmade sterling silver flatwear, using old world craftsmanship in the twenty-first century.  Like Simantov, James Robinson Inc. melds the traditional with the contemporary with a focus on the beauty, workmanship, and authenticity of each piece.  

All of Reubin Simantov's jewlery is inspired, original, and handcrafted using ancient techniques to craft jewlery for today.  Below are just a few of his beautiful creations.  One needs to hold each piece, to try it on, and to savor its beauty to really appreciate it.  Come in to the store and let Reubin Simantov introduce you to these exquisite creations.

This is Pat Jones' first year living full time on Nantucket. After decades of teaching English at the high school and college level, she is now embarking on a new and challenging odyssey. Both retirement and Island life are new and exciting and occasionally daunting.  In this column she will share what it is like to live on Nantucket year round. As a poet, a writer, and a novice visual artist, her metaphor for the journey is “Throwing Paint.”

Reubin Simantov jewelry
Reubin Simantov jewelry

Rubin Simantov creates handcrafted masterpieces with a sense of humor and whimsy that delights both the wearer and the viewer

Reubin Simantov bangle bracelet
Reubin Simantov bangle bracelet

Inspired by Nantucket waters, this palladium bracelet with a hand engraved gunmetal steel top is inlaid with 24K gold and scattered with different colored gems.  The bottom is pavé with blue sapphire waves.  On the front of the bracelet, two fish are depicted.  Reubin Simantov always depicts animals in male and female pairs to symbolize romance.