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Wonder woman drawing

What is Your Superpower?

I’m not asking if you can bend steel or jump tall buildings in a single bound, although that might be really cool.  I am asking you to think about what you are really good at, the quality you’re most proud of, and the one thing that makes you stand out.    Knowing your superpower means you know yourself well enough to have a focus.  It’s the thing that gives you an edge over everyone else.  It’s also the thing that most successful people have in common; they know their superpower.  

Try this quick exercise – write down 5 words that best describe you.  The first 5 things that come to mind are the best.  Then write down 5 things you are good at – again the first 5 are often the truest.   Don’t think about this for more than 30 seconds, what bubbles to the top immediately are usually the things that are most accurate and real.  This is called stream of consciousness thinking - the flow of thoughts in the conscious mind, a full range of thoughts that one can be aware of can form the content of this stream, not just verbal thoughts.  

Study your lists, what do you see?  What resonates with you?  What do you know and feel makes sense?  It’s OK if there is more than one answer, you don’t have to choose.  This is simply an exercise in knowing yourself better and cultivating a focus.  The quality you identify typically is a guiding principle or influence in your life.  So what is it?  Organization, Listening, Creativity, Enthusiasm?  Kindness, Calmness, Leadership?  Whatever it is, for the next week, think about this quality every morning when you wake up and see if it fits.  

My superpower is intuition.  I can look at my life and really see that the times I have trusted myself and let my intuition guide me are the times I have made the best decisions.  I can equally see that when I have let other factors affect my thinking that I have veered off the path.  I use my intuition as a tool, it helps me focus and also gives me clarity when things are muddy.  It makes me a better parent, manager and person.  Each day is a series of small decisions and actions, when we are aware of our strengths and the qualities that make us who we are, everyone around us is better.  

So if you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?  And if you don’t love your current answer, there’s no better time to think about what you want to be known for and start to work on that.  

Joanna Roche is a wellness, beauty and retail expert with a long career in the spa industry; she spent eight years with Canyon Ranch and then ran Pierce Mattie PR in NYC where she tried, tested, and worked with hundreds of beauty and wellness brands. She is currently an educator for the Esthetics Spa International speaker series, a member of ISPA and CEW(Cosmetic Executive Women). On Nantucket she is the Spa & Fitness Director at The Westmoor Club and is committed to promoting wellness and providing inspiration and tools for healthy living. Joanna is a runner, occasional yogi, entrepreneur and co-founder of ACKFresh, and mama (or tamer of wild beasts) to Luke and Noah.