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How to do a squat on a stability ball

When I asked Greg, "How does someone do a squat on a stablity ball?"  His reply was, "Pray."
Sit on the ball without your calves touching the ball.  Balance using your core.
Now try just having your hands and knees touching the ball.  See if you can support yourself and balance doing that while keeping your core tight.
Grab onto a bar (No, not that type of bar.)  or person.  Try standing on the ball.
Make sure your core is tight and you squeeze the ball with your feet.  You'll feet it in your hips, thighs and groin if you're not doing it right
While keeping your balance, slowly lower your body, while bending your legs and keep your core tight.  Your knees should not move past your toes.  Keep lowering your body until you are in a seated position.
Next, while maintaining your balance and core engaged, begin to lift your body and come to the standing position.


A year to the day, I posted this fun instruction by Greg Mauldin onto my blog.  The orginial blog post:

Greg has strong ties to Nantucket; His father grew up on the island and his sister is a Nantucket Police Office. Today, I am sharing this in honor of Greg and his team making it to the play-off finals over in Switzerland.  He currently plays for HC Fribourg-Gottéron.Catch the finals game on April 4th Swiss Time...Cheer him and his teammates on!  (My apologies if I have any of the sport phrasing incorrect…I love watching sports, hockey happens to be my favorite but for the most part, I have no idea what is going on.)  Greg has worked very hard and in my opinion he shinned this past hockey season.   So, I am very excited for his success to say the least! 

A year ago, I approached him about doing a Lazy Post since his reputation preceded him as someone who is passionate and dedicated to health and fitness. After-all, his profession requires that his body always be running at 100%!  I will be honest with you, I didn’t know much about Greg’s career when I first spoke with him. After a little research, I soon discovered that this approachable player is a fan-favorite in every city he plays. It didn’t take me long to understand why. He has the perfect combination of humility, passion, and dedication one would hope for in a professional athlete. The time I have spent talking with Greg has shown me how dedicated he is to respect the limits of his body, and taking care of himself mentally and physically. He has inspired me to do the same. I hope he will inspire you as well. (You may follow Greg on Twitter: @gmaul20

Here is Greg doing a Stability Ball Squat. His explanation is easy to follow. It may take a few tries or days to achieve, but push yourself a little more each day. Make sure the stability ball is fully inflated. (I learned this the hard way and now my booty is slightly bruised.) I cannot stress enough to have your core fully engaged at all times. This is vital in any stability ball training.


***Click on each photo to view each step by step instruction.***

~Stay Well Nantucket~