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Having Trouble Losing Weight? Maybe You're On The Wrong Scale.

Having trouble loosing weight?  Maybe you’re focused on the wrong scale.

It doesn’t matter how much you workout, if you’re not eating well, you won’t reach your goals.  It's all about calories in and calories out. I hear from a lot of people that say they work out but are not seeing the results that they want, mainly losing weight.  Side Note: Muscle weights more than fat. (Well...Sorta...Not really...Muscle is denser than fat.)  So you may still see the same number on the scale but you're building muscle and fitting into your clothes differently.  If you feel this isn’t the case for you, step off the scale and start tracking what and how much you’re eating. 

Purchase a food scale and keep a food journal.  There are plenty of apps that will help track your food/beverage intake from your smart phone or tablet.  Utilize them!  More often than not, we as consumers don’t actually know how much we are consuming.  We assume a full plate is one portion, when in reality it could be two or three.  The best way to combat this is to know for certain how much you’re eating.  Measure your food out, keep track of what you eat, cravings and trigger foods.  The more you know about your habits, the more ways you’re able to make positive changes.  This isn’t about feeling guilty about your choices; it’s about owning your choices.  Even professional athletes love to eat cheese, sweets, and potato chips, and then wash it down with a beer.  The only difference between professional athletes is their decision to make a choice, their dedication to that choice and the passion that is fuelled by that choice.  You are certainly able to make that same decision for what you would like to obtain.  Decide which scale is going to win; the scale in the bathroom, the scale in the kitchen or how you scale yourself.  Remember:  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Little positive choices everyday can add up to big positive results. 


If you’re craving this, try this.

Food Cravings by what your body needs:
See full list here:


If you crave this...       What you really need is...       And here are healthy foods that have it:
Chocolate                   Magnesium                             Raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits

Sweets                       Chromium                               Broccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans,

                                                                                  calves liver, chicken
                                   Carbon                                   Fresh fruits
                                   Phosphorus                            Chicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs,

                                                                                  dairy, nuts, legumes, grains
                                  Sulfur                                       Cranberries, horseradish,

                                                                                  cruciferous vegetables, kale, cabbage
                                 Tryptophan                               Cheese, liver, lamb, raisins,

                                                                                 sweet potato, spinach

Bread, toast              Nitrogen                                    High protein foods: fish, meat, nuts, beans

Oily snacks/fatty foods  Calcium                              Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale,

                                                                                 legumes, cheese, sesame

Coffee or tea             Phosphorous                          Chicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs,

                                                                                dairy, nuts, legumes
                                 Sulfur                                      Egg yolks, red peppers, muscle protein,

                                                                                garlic, onion, cruciferous vegetables
                                 NaCl (salt)                              Sea salt, apple cider vinegar (on salad)
                                Iron                                         Meat, fish and poultry, seaweed, greens,

                                                                               black cherries

Alcohol/drugs          Protein                                    Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, nuts
                               Avenin                                     Granola, oatmeal
                              Calcium                                    Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli,

                                                                              kale, legumes, cheese, sesame
                              Glutamine                                Supplement glutamine powder for withdrawal,

                                                                              raw cabbage juice
                              Potassium                                Sun-dried black olives, potato peel broth,

                                                                             seaweed, bitter greens

Points to Make:
-Buy A Food Scale: Pick one up at Nantucket Gourmet or any other kitchen goods/products store.  Also, stop by for their amazing sexy sandwiches, smoothies and Green Juice. (Yes, I said "sexy". The name for their bread is "sexy bread".  Try it!)
-Food Journal App: I have Lance Armstrong’s app.  It keeps track of the food I eat, calories, balance of protein/carbs/fat, water consumption and exercise
-Measure out your food for healthy portions
-Don’t feel guilty; just make a better choice the next opportunity to do so
-You can always make a choice between what you know is not the best for you and what is.  And it’s ok to give yourself permission to do either.
-It’s always your choice.  Own it!


***Do you have anything to add?  Any Tricks that help you stay strong, fit and healthy?  Anything I said above you would change or do differently?***

~Stay Well Nantucketers~


Great information, Dorothy.  Now to tame the chocolate craving with....legumes?  Yikes, but I'll try!


Dorothy Stover's picture

Go for dark chocolate! If you can do 70% cocoa you'll receive amazing benefits, that may help to lose weight, as well as anti-aging and a brain boost. 

Dorothy Stover's picture

Go for dark chocolate! If you can do 70% cocoa you'll receive amazing benefits, that may help to lose weight, as well as anti-aging and a brain boost. 

Sometimes we eat to avoid feelings. I grew up with sisters and they would eat "comfort food." Therefore, I believe it is not just about replacing bad choices with good ones but also ACKnowledging the motivation behind the binge. 

PS I have a weakness for pie---any kind of pie.