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Coaching at the Corner is held upstairs at Mitchell's Book Corner, 54 Main Street, Nantucket

Coaching At The Corner

Help is Here!

Most people I know are busy; plain and simple.  Life is crazy.  We’re lucky here on Nantucket that life is crazy but we have a wonderful view to take our minds off of how hectic life can be. Sitting in traffic on Nantucket, waiting for the ducks to cross the road sure beats sitting in traffic off-island.  I painfully remember the long to and from commute in Boston. 

Which brings me to our topic for today; There is more to Wellness than just nutrition and exercise.  Wellness is a broad spectrum of areas within our lives.  Health and fitness play an important role but what about the other areas we should have a focus on to keep us in balance?  Such as the wellness of our personal, social and career lives.  This past year I have be fortunate to meet so many different, amazing and wonderful people on Nantucket. I am forever grateful for this.  One person I want to bring to your attention today is Marsha Egan of The Egan Groupand InnerClout.  She is a Coach for life and for business.  She has been a great motivator for myself and for others on island.  If you don’t already know about Coaching at the Corner,you should. The last session was on Finding Balance.  Let’s be honest, we could all use a little balance in our lives. Here is the info for Coaching at the Corner:

Coaching at the Corner is bi-weekly one hour facilitated coaching discussion every other Thursday morning upstairs at Mitchell’s – 8:30 AM to 9:30.

Here is this year’s schedule:
July 11: Boost Your Inner Clout: Maximizing Your 7 Inner Strengths
July 25: Appreciation: Complementing Your Way to Success (with guest host Jason Bridges)
August 8: Getting It All Done: How to Manage Your Time So That You Love Your Life
August 22:  Setting Boundaries: How to Say "No" Nicely
September 5: Motivation: How to Get Others to Change (Stupid) Behaviors
September 19: No Fear Networking: How to Actually Enjoy Building Your Network
October 3: Remarkability: The Secret to Building a Buzz about You and Your Business

The Egan Group has partnered with Wendy Hudson and Mitchell’s and I know these workshops will bring some folks downtown in the morning, experience some success-skills coaching, and have a great start to their Thursdays.

This week’s (July 11) discussion  is “Inner Clout – How to maximize your 7 inner strengths and enable amazing personal and professional results.” The weekly schedule and much more information is posted on the website at

There is no registration involved… just show up!

Also, this year Marsha is offering a “Season Pass” – all discussions for $45. This is an amazing deal! Click here to register:


~Stay Well Nantucket~