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Are we our own worst enemy?

Dr. Mardy Grothe: Neverisms - 11 Things You Should Never Do, Never Say and Never Forget

Because I am a massive fan of Ernest Hemingway, I could not not share this with you.  (By the way, I believe Nantucket 2010s to be our generation’s 1920s Paris.  More on that another day.)  Whether or not you agree, these Neverisms are true, and for me they run deep.

In a 1950s conversation with her dear friend Ernest Hemingway, Marlene Dietrich asked his advice about a problem. She had been invited to perform at a Miami nightclub but was not sure she wanted to accept it. It was a lucrative offer, she explained, but her heart was simply not in it. When she thought of turning it down, though, she wondered if she was just "pampering" herself. Her explanation was met with a moment of silence, after which Hemingway said, "Don't do what you sincerely don't want to do." And then he added:
"Never confuse movement with action."
Hemingway's words immediately cleared up any doubts that Dietrich was having about the decision. But it was her comment about his advice that has been remembered to history: "In those five words he gave me a whole philosophy."

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So, is it true...Should you never say never?  Are the possibilities endless?  Are we our own worst enemy?  What do you think?


Peter B. Brace's picture

Never work when you don't have to. Never limit yourself. Never avoid the hugs of the Wellness Blogger on Nantucket Chronicle.

Dorothy Stover's picture

Peter I love those three Neverisms!  Limiting yourself or anyone else for that matter doesn't aid anyone.Free hugs everyday by the way.  ANd you're right, never work when you don't have to.  So many work themselves sick...Even here on our beautiful island people can work too much.

Of course, it is also said that "INACTION is action." You don't want to do something? Think

about not doing it until it's too late to do it anyway.

Dorothy Stover's picture

Haha, Queen Catherine you are right on this...Inaction is sometimes refered to as procrastination.

Rob Ranney's picture

and 'procrastination' is also an action of sorts ..

If thought and circumstance exist,never, ever say never.
It is the great noun vs. verb debate.....

Dorothy Stover's picture

Wow...My head is starting to spin from the thought bombs people are throwing.  I feel like Alice in Wonderland, and I like it!