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A trailer showcasing my Nantucket based novel, Distress Signal, a haunted tale of seagoing adventure and romance on Nantucket.

What's the Real Meaning of Memorial Day?

What's the real meaning of Memorial Day?  You'd be surprised how many people don't know, or care.  But those of us at 97.7, WACK/fm, along with Holidays for Heroes and others, are raising awareness to BRING BACK MEMORIAL DAY to Nantucket!

Nantucket's Frozen Beaches--February 2016

Frozen Steps Beach captured on February 15th, 2016.

Surfside Commons meeting on site, October 28, 2015

Scott Capizzo captures the mood of neighbors listening to DJ Mackinnon's latest plans for Surfside Commons.  It's not favorable.

GenoTV interviews Georgia Raysman, publisher of

Dan Drake interviews Georgia Raysman, publisher of  Learn more about the why and how of this locally-oriented website!

A short history of The Lynx and Nantucket

The Egan Maritime Institute has sponsored the American privateer ship The Lynx to visit Nantucket and provide unique educational experiences for Nantucketers of all ages, especially high schoolers.  Here's a brief clip of a Lynx educator talking about the battle fought by the Lynx and British naval vessels off Nantucket.

We are MUSACK!

Scott Capizzo captures the Nantucket school music program in the words of the kids themselves.

Starting up The Old Mill

James Grieder shows the process of starting up the Nantucket Historical Association's Old Mill on Nantucket.

This Week On Nantucket, a video

Taken with a DJI Phantom3 Pro

Distress Signal

A trailer showcasing my Nantucket based novel, Distress Signal, a haunted tale of seagoing adventure and romance on Nantucket.

Nantucket--this is why we love it here

Greg Hinson and his son James have created and edited this video capturing the extraordinary beauty of the island of Nantucket.

What's the School Building Project About, and Why Do We Need It?

The 2015 Annual Town Meeting will include Article 12, dealing with funding for the proposed new additions to our public school campus.  Here's what's planned, and why it matters so much.

Snowboarding on Nantucket Beaches!

Video by Ocean Kane of snowboarding on Nobadeer Beach.  What a winter, but he's made the best of it.

Nantucket's County Fair, 2014

Lorna Dollery takes a look at this year's County Fair experience:  kids, goats, sand, music,!

The Shepcats of Nantucket

Three years ago three friends, Steve Sheppard, Bob Day and Mike Galvin, came together on their Friday nights off and founded the band named "The Shepcats." They play folk music and original songs on Straight Wharf and Children's Beach every summer. The band's listeners vary from two-year-old children to seniors, who like to come together with their families and enjoy the music in two of Nantucket's favorite outside venues.

Nantucket Surfing, end of summer 2014--video by Scott Capizzo

Take a look at great surfing last week on Nantucket's south shore.