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Sarah Treanor Bois, PhD, is the Director of Research and Education at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation (LLNF). Having first joined the conservation scene on island in 1998, Sarah has worked at or with many of the island’s non-profit conservation groups including the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, the Maria Mitchell Association, Massachusetts Audubon Society, the Nantucket Islands Land Bank Commission, the Nantucket Land Council, and the UMASS Boston Field Station, among others.

Sarah received her PhD in Ecology from the University of Connecticut where her research focused on invasive plant spread in New England and efforts to prioritize species management. As the coordinator and program biologist for the Invasive Plant Atlas of New England (IPANE), Sarah worked with and trained volunteers throughout the northeast to identify and document non-native species occurrences. Through IPANE, Sarah has become an advocate for citizen science and its incorporation in scientific research.

When not at LLNF, Sarah can be found with her husband and son hiking, birding, fishing, cooking, practicing archery, or playing in the garden.

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