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Melanie Gowen, Captain of Commerce, recently transposed herself from metropolitan Washington, DC to Nantucket. Gravitating toward the natural island beauty where she feels most at home, she was drawn especially to the design side of Nantucket. Growing up she spent time on Mt. Desert Island and Martha's Vineyard, but when Melanie discovered ACK through her godmother who bought her summer home in Quidnet, she felt an immediate deep connection to the entrepreneurial spirit, strength of preservation, and creative cross-pollinization of ideas throughout the island community. 

With five plus years of finance and marketing experience, Melanie beings a wholistic design eye and a knack for discovering extraordinary finds and connecting them to broader ideas and people. 

When she's not designing or brainstorming, Melanie spends her time out and about in nature, coolhunting for new ideas, entertaining, or catching up with close friends and family. She loves Italy, dogs, boats, and tennis. Melanie Gowen Design offers residential and commercial interior design and property branding services. Melanie assists with selection of architectural details and finishes, collaborates with architects and builders, and decorates fcuntional, beautiful spaces with furniture, fabrics, accessories, and creates custom pieces tailor-made for your living space.

Melanie studied Interior Design just after high school and has since received a B.S. in Interior Design & Strategy from Cornell University with a concentration in International Marketing from Lorenzo de'Medici Institute in Florence, Italy. In her corporate days, she worked in management consulting, marketing and operations in Washington, DC. 


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