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Jascin Leonardo Finger has worked for the Maria Mitchell Association since the late 1980s, becoming curator of the Mitchell House, Archives and Special Collections in 1999.  She has taught at the Nantucket New School and for three years, the MMA and the Egan Maritime Foundation shared her as curator in a unique job-share.  Jascin holds an undergraduate degree in history with a minor in art history from Mount Holyoke College and a master’s degree in history with a focus on women and gender studies from Lesley University.  Her master’s thesis is titled “The Daring Daughter of Nantucket Island: How Island Women from the Seventeenth through the Nineteenth Centuries Lived a Life Contrary to Other American Women.”  She has also completed graduate work in preservation law.  The island has been a part of Jascin’s life since she was two years old and she is the fourth generation of her family to have Nantucket in her blood.  She lives year-round on the island with her husband, a naval architect, their son, and Siberian Husky.


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