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Hilary Newell, Captain of Home & Garden, moved to Nantucket MA in 1986. She came around the point the first time on Mother’s Day weekend 1986 with her husband, Pete Smith, who was considering a job at Bartlett’s Farm. The cherry blossoms were swirling around downtown, the effect was magical, they said they would "give it five years...." and the rest is history.  

Hilary, working in Bartlett’s greenhouses, learned the ins and outs of growing all types of garden plants and flowers.  Now her current titles are Greenhouse Production Manager, and Marketing Director.  She and Pete work together every day, and have been fortunate to travel to many beautiful places and see lots of wonderful gardens, always learning as they go.  Hilary documents the plants and dabbles in the gardens at their home on the island. Favorite plant?  Julia Child roses, of course. 


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