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Little Shop of Horrors & 39 Steps Discussion

It is that time of year that things get past me. Two Theatre Workshop of Nantucket productions close this weekend, and I am scrambling to see them. "Little Shop of Horrors" and "The 39 Steps" are in their third week of production. Where did those weeks go?

Have you seen either show? What are your thoughts?



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I know I'm a minority, but Little Shop, while it was really well done on all fronts:  great acting, singing, costumes, sets--excellent!--I still found fundamentally depressing.  There's no character you can really like in that show--Audrey the real girl is weak and lets herself be abused, and she's the most likable one.  The author is an equal-opportunity hater:  blacks, Jews, Italians, WASPs are all stereotyped and selfish, conniving, weak, evil or worse.  Just because he makes the situation and the characters funny doesn't disguise its fundamental unpleasantness.  Even our so-called hero Seymour turns sour.  

I LOVE Theatre Workshop, and the caliber of their performances has improved so dramatically (pun intended) that I really look forward to seeing each and every production they put on.  This was no exception, in terms of its execution.  I just wouldn't have chosen it to begin with.

And chiming in again, tonight we saw 39 Steps and it was fabulous!  Just the right combination of serious melodrama and farce, and it was impossible to think that all those roles were taken by only four actors--three really, since David Arrow played only one part.

A great book, great play and great movie, even in these technologically advanced times.  If by any chance you can still see it in its last two performances, by all means do so!

For me, The 39 Steps was fantastic--a tremendous effort.  While our TWN is consistently good, I thought this ensemble was exceptional and the show so very cleverly executed.  Great theatre--wish it could have run for many more weeks!