Nantucket's Daring Daughters

The Daring Daughters of Nantucket Island: How Island Women from the Seventeenth Through Nineteenth Centuries Lived a Life Contrary to Other American Women

By Jascin N. Leonardo Finger


Nantucket's Daring Daughters

Jascin N. Leonardo Finger has served as curator of the Mitchell House at the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association since 1999.  She holds a Master’s degree in History.  Her passions are her family, all things Nantucket, good food, weaving, and photographing historic architecture.  The island has been a part of her life since she was introduced to it at age 1½ by her parents.  She lives year-round on the island with her husband, a naval architect, their son, and their Siberian Husky who takes them on long walks from one glorious end of the island to the other.

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