Sea Glass Necklace

Ocean Treasures is proud to present our unique hand-made sea glass necklace.  As every person is unique, so are our sea glass necklaces, but here's one that's sure to charm:

Measuring 16' long overall, the necklace displays sea glass in irregular shapes from 1/2' to 3/4' long, and Keishi pearls of 1/2" long.  They hang from a delicate 14k gold-filled chain.

Please look at the photographs for complete details of this one-of-a-kind necklace.

Price:  $175, includes free shipping.


Moonstone and Sea Glass Cluster Earrings

Ocean Treasure signature sea glass cluster earrings, delicate yet bold, come in three variations. Each is unique and hand-made right here in our workshop on Nantucket:

1--pale aqua seaglass clustered with moonstones and keishi pearls

2--Dark blue sea glass clustered with keishi pearls and moonstones

3--Pale aqua sea glass clustered with blue topaz and keishi pearls

On 14K gold filled earring wire, they measure 1 1/4" in length.  

Delicate, lovely clusters swing and catch the light as you move.

$95, including free shipping.


Ocean Treasure

5 Washington Street
02554 Nantucket, MA
Phone: 508-228-1161

What was once garbage tossed thoughtlessly away into the ocean is now, over decades of time, beautiful sea glass, that lies glistening in the sand like a kind of lost treasure.  Treasures hidden in the sand.

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The BrACKlet -- A Nantucket Basket for Your Wrist

The ORIGINAL Nantucket Lightship BrACKlet with imported rattan and legal, pre-ban genuine ivory endcaps and scrimshaw lettering.  There is nothing that conjures up the image of old world charm like a Nantucket Lightship Basket.  Well here's a way you can bring that charm to your wrist!