Pressed seaweed.  From the collection of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association Archives and Special Collections.
Pressed seaweed with a humorous and instructive note.  From the collection of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association Archives and Special Collections.

Flattened for All Eternity: A Book of Pressed Seaweed, ca. 1850

Feast your eyes on these images.  I came across them in the Maria Mitchell Association Special Collections while I was

Barnaby Bear Himself

Barnaby Bear comes to life with this soft, cuddly, adorable stuffed bear!


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A Set of Three Barnaby Bear Books!

All three of our Barnaby Bear books:  Where oh Where is Barnaby Bear?, A Penny for Barnaby and Barnaby Loves You!, the 20th Anniversary book, in one package!

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A Penny For Barnaby

There’s an old Nantucket whaling tradition: toss a penny overboard as you sail pass Brant Point Lighthouse to insure a safe return. Join Barnaby & Friends as they discover the magical powers of this old tradition and the meaning of true friendship.

Hardcover    32 pages


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Barnaby Loves You!

When love spreads through the air, it makes everyone happy~ especially Barnaby Bear! Barnaby Loves You! is the 20th Anniversary edition celebrating adventure, friendship, laughter, and love!

Hardcover    32 pages
Size: approximately 11x8"

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Where oh Where is Barnaby Bear?

Where oh Where is Barnaby Bear?  We're searching for him everywhere. Has he flown to the moon? Is he in a balloon? Is he up in a tree? Is he down by the sea? He's everywhere a bear should be! Join Barnaby on this rhyming adventure and help find Barnaby Bear as he explores the island of Nantucket.  Written by Nantucketer Wendy Rouillard,  Barnaby Bear is sure to enchant any Nantucket-loving child and is a delight to read for parents too.

Board book  6x5.8"; 18pp.

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Barnaby Bear Store

Nantucket author Wendy Rouillard has created Barnaby Bear, and his books are numerous and enchanting.  Here we feature three books and Barnaby himself, perfect for the Nantucket-loving child in your life.  Buy separately or all three together, and add Barnaby too!

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