Carved Ivory Snowmen and Snow-women

Handcarved and hand colored out of natural genuine antique ivory, these delightful little snowmen and snow-women come in two sizes:  Large (2" high by 1 1/4" wide) and Small (1 5/8" high by 1"wide).  Each is unique; quantities are limited.  They are perfect for charms or as a pendant in addition to being completely original Christmas ornaments.

Large:  $182

Small:  $157

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Scott Marks Ivory Carvings and Crafts

PO Box 853
02554 Nantucket, MA
Phone: 508-325-4851
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Scott Marks has been carving ivory since 1967, when he first apprenticed for Nancy Chase, famed Nantucket ivory sculptor.  Now he presents his very own hand-carved collection of ivory cut-out bracelets featuring the familiar Nantucket island map, and a wide range of his delightful carved ivory Christmas ornaments especially suited for the ornament collector.

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