Summer Lecture and Luncheon - Chateau Carolands

The Nantucket Preservation Trust will host the annual Summer Lecture and Luncheon on Thursday, July 23 at 11:30 AM at

Mildew and algae

Causes of moisture issues in historic homes

Now that we are getting cooler days and closing up the windows and are no longer using air conditioners we

My shed with its porthole

A Porthole is So Maritime Chic

If my house were anywhere else than Nantucket, it probably wouldn’t have struck me that my shed door needed a

Main Street, 'Sconset: the Houses and their Histories

Main Street, 'Sconset, the Houses and their Histories is the newest addition to the Nantucket Preservation Trust's publications highlighting the historic architecture of Nantucket.  Here you will learn more about the special enclave of Siasconset, a tiny fishing village and summer retreat at the eastern end of Nantucket island.  Highlighting development of architecture along Main Street this book is enhanced with historic images of early owners and 19th century maps.  A must for the connoisseur of Nantucket architecture.

Paperback, 99 pp, 9"x8 1/2", 2012