Freaky Friday: Turns Out You Can Survive The Holidays Without A Boyfriend or A Baby. Here's How to Thrive!

Freaky Friday - Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need
Teaching someone to ride a bike

The Learner Method man.

The Learner Method Man


Noah Learner has been at the heart of Nantucket’s bicycle rental business, on and off, since 1993.

Freaky Friday: Why Being The Perfect Mom Is Overrated

Freaky Friday: Every Friday a new post dealing with love, relationships, dating...and any questions the human soul may need. 


Focus On Island Children During Nantucket Oral Health Community Forum

Island dentists, along with medical staff from Nantucket Cottage Hospital and other concerned stakeholders convened earlier this month for the

Children's Baking Class

Are you wondering what activities are available for your children, during Nantucket's desolate winter months? Luckily the Nantucket Community School

Pray For Newtown CT

Please keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.

Whopper, The Tale of a Nantucket Whale

Whopper, the Tale of a Nantucket Whale was written by Jeanne Burns and Illustrated by C. Robert Perrin in 1964.

It is a charming children's coloring and story book. A story about a little whale named Whopper who lost his momma and poppa . 

A little island girl named Winnie helped Whopper find his parents.

11 x 8 inches   19 pages

$25.00   free shipping


In the Wind of Thanksgiving

On the day before Thanksgiving, the 3:15 boat was fully booked.  The line for the 4:30 boat bent around twice and filled all the available luggage carts. The sky was lowering, clouds raced above and a spray of salt water blew over us.  Good spirits burned in small campfires; lots of luggage, lots of strollers, lots of puppies nosing their way around for a snack.  Forty guys with lunch pails stepped off the boat.  Three hundred with strollers and backpacks stepped on. 

Sound Advice

Dear QC:
My sister just went through a nasty divorce.  My small children keep asking about “Uncle Bart,” who is