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Who Is Our Wind Farmer?

Betsy's been to Bartlett's.  Ever wonder what their cows are thinking?

An original drawing, printed by Betsy and mailed (free!) to you in a padded mailer.

Available in 8"x11" and 11"x14" sizes

St Agur Blue Cheese

Cow's Milk, Sheep's Milk, Goat's Milk, Oh My!

The world of Artisan Cheese is exploding in popularity these days. With the banishment of the fat-free fad diets of

Oran Mor's Cranberry Posset

An All Local Dinner

Eat's delicious!

September Went to the Dogs

September was one heck of a month to be a dog. On top of the fantastic beach weather we started

Welcoming Back the Nantucket Chowder Festival

The forecast for this Saturday on Nantucket is partly-sunny with temps hovering around 55 degrees. I can't think of better

Bartlett's Farm hay field on Nantucket

A Moveable Feast: The Bartlett’s Farm Heirloom

Emily Elise Hennelly has been working in the market at Bartlett's Farm all summer. She was moved to

Rudbeckia triloba - one of the many different flowers that goes by the nickname 'Black Eyed Susan.'

The Nantucket Garden Festival

Check out the 5th annual Nantucket Garden Festival this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Summer Corn Salad

Here's a recipe for a light salad that celebrates the best of summer.

Farm Chic Sweets

Recipes and photos shown here are reprinted from the book: "Harvesting Nantucket, The Taste of Bartlett's Ocean View Farm" by