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The moors.

The major ground assault is over.

Muskets at the ready!

Shotgun season for white-tailed deer ended on Saturday and today begins the final two weeks of deer hunting on Nantucket, this one for primitive firearms.

Yes, hunting deer with muskets.

Because there are far fewer hunters of this ilk, the risk of walking in the moors and other wooded areas around the island lower, but doesn't mean you and your dog(s) shouldn't continue to wear bright orange articles of clothing when venturing into the island wilderness. But only through Dec. 24.

The law is the same for musket hunters; the shooting starts 30 minutes before sunrise and ends 30 minutes after sunset, no hunting on Sundays, hunters cannot hunt within 500 feet of occupied structures and hunters can't hunt on land posted with no hunting/no trespassing c

If you witness hunters disobeying any of these laws, call Keith Robinson, one of two state Environmental Police officers at 508-257-6932. You'll likely get his voicemail, but definitely leave a message because the Massachusetts Environmental Police on the mainland monitor that line and they'll call you back promptly. Remember to leave your name, phone number, what you saw happen, where on island and when.

Walk and run safe!