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Beach Chairs

Rusted Beach Chair on a Dune in March

by Kathy Butterworth

Moors Poetry

This column is dedicated to the expression, through poetry, of life here on Nantucket.  These first few postings will concentrate on the work of an island group (of which I’m a member) known as the Moors Poetry Collective.

This is a poem from Kathy Butterworth. It’s on page 45 of the Moors Poetry Collectives anthology Poems So Far.  I love the way Kathy sets the stage for this poem.  I feel compelled to look for this chair whenever I’m out walking on the beach.   

Rusted Beach Chair on a Dune in March

I have passed it dismissively
on my way to water’s edge
but now returning push on the seat
testing its sturdiness

The chair holds me well
allows a wide view
    I lean back and draw a breath
for the opportunity provided
by the owner of the chair 
who has left with purpose
a beach chair set on a dune

creating slight tension for me
as I walk here past the farm
accompanied by crows
only to look at the water
without intention to linger

but I have chosen
and stretch my legs

into the wide open
proposition of stopping

Kathy Butterworth

About The Moors Poetry Collective and Poems So Far:

The Moors Poetry Collective is a handful of poets who started out as a writing group meeting twice a month at the Nantucket Field Station off Polpis road, which they dubbed Len’s Garage. They soon upped that commitment to once a week, and after about nine months of dedicated writing and workshopping decided to direct their creative skills toward a collection of work exclusively dealing with Nantucket, the place they call home. In this column you will find examples of their varied experiences and perspectives regarding life on this extraordinary island and its eclectic community. Their poetry Anthology Poems So Far is the first expression of that commitment.

Copies of Poems So Far are available at Mitchell’s Book Corner, BookWorks, and the Hub.  


I LOVE this poem. Really nicely written. thanks you.

Rachel Dowling's picture

A beautifully painted scene.  Thank you for sharing this.  I am so excited to see that island poets have made their way to the Nantucket Chronicle!