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Indonesian Fried Chicken Drumettes at The Nautilus in Nantucket

Dishin' It Out at Nautilus

Last summer I was working with a woman who almost on a daily basis reminded me to eat at Nautilus. I have to admit, I am a very busy person due to my career path, but always up for a new adventure. However for some reason I had been putting off my expedition to Nautilus because I was also a bit skeptical as the restaurant has undergone many owners since I’ve lived here. Mapping out my weekly schedule, I made plans with a friend see what all the hoopla was about.

First impression….fabulous! What a shock, I did not expect it to be so..., well "pretty" isn’t the word I want, how about, yes, fabulous again! Subtle pale ocean colors were chosen to wash the walls and the tentacles of the giant octopus made of small tiles almost draws you in. Come hither, come hither it says as we found our way to seats at the end of the bar. A rustic interior with old weathered walls in some areas make you feel like you are actually on the wharf and the beams in the ceiling and industrial lighting and shelving at the bar say…stay awhile. Crowded and buzzing with chatter of sun-kissed summer people living up life made me instantly happy to be here. I thought, “Wow, look what I’ve been missing!”

I found the smells of the kitchen to take me to a faraway land and my mouth watered to try anything. Just anything as I reached for a menu, not waiting for the bartender, who was extremely busy. This wonderful gem of a restaurant has made an amazing coastal connection with Asian flavors that I just couldn’t wait to try. There was such a variety of small plates to choose from, but we chose a few to start, and knowing we weren’t in a rush and had nowhere to be, we settled in. There were two bartenders that night, it was a hopping place and I chose to indulge in a cocktail although I am not much of a drinker.

You know how in real estate they say its "location, location, location", that sells a property? Well in the food industry I say it’s "presentation, presentation, presentation" that is 75% of what the meal will taste like. The plates were so beautifully presented, with a balance of colors to proportion, that I almost didn’t want to destroy the masterpiece!

And the flavors…I remember not saying much throughout the meal except OMG, OMG. Every time I took a bite of something, even the second bite, I would say, OMG, OMG. I mean I wanted to bath in the marinade from the Indonesian fried chicken drumettes they were so good and the summer salad..., I was beyond satisfied when I left Nautilus that night. These guys have all the right stuff, the right décor, the right combination of everything for success!

Enjoying the laughter of the fans around me, I vowed to the bartender to tell anyone and everyone who great Nautilus was! My companion was also thrilled that I finally dined at Nautilus and you will be, too.

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