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Two dogs in the car

Resolving to Live In The Present

Take a lesson from us dogs

As we head into the New Year, I hear a lot of humans talk about their resolutions such as losing wait, saving money, exercising more, getting organized and so forth. Resolutions are a concept that exist in the future and since us dogs are masters of the present, we don’t have much use for resolutions.

I can’t really start a new diet because my mom determines how much I eat and how often (except for that scrap of cheeseburger I found on the ground yesterday that she doesn’t know about.) And I exercise almost everyday, so I’m all set there. And I don’t manage money or anything really besides my inventory of chew toys and tennis balls, so I don’t have the urge to set new organizational goals.

I definitely understand regret, like the hot spot I scratched raw or that rotten rabbit I ate last week, but New Year’s resolutions are still a mystery to me.

Maybe there is something to be said for that. Every morning I wake up and I put one paw in front of the other, and don’t pay too much attention to what I did yesterday and what I will do in an hour. When I’m feeling antsy, I bug my mom for more play time. When I see rabbit or bird, I seize the moment. When I’m feeling a little lazy, I give myself permission to curl up and take a nap. Why wait for a new year or month or day even? If there is something you think you should be doing, then get going!

Resolutions must be pretty important to you humans or you wouldn’t make so much fuss about them. So go ahead and make a list for 2013, but this year try adding one more item:

Take a lesson from us dogs and resolve to live more in the present.

Happy New Year!!

J Dawg, who voices the paws-on-the-ground perspective of island life, is created by Janet Forest, owner of Nantucket Pet Sitter, which you can follow on Facebook, too.