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6 Walbang Ave. with the ocean in the backyard.

Purchase of the week: 6 Walbang Ave.

The cottage.
The whole package.

By the Numbers

Address: 6 Walbang Ave.

Acres: 1.8.

Structure(s): Main house and cottage.

Seller: Sewnan, LLC c/o of Susan E. Whitehead, Manager of Boston, Mass. from Gregory F. Hughes of New York City, N.Y.

Buyer: Gregory F. Hughes of New York City, N.Y.

Price: $4,250,000.

Value: $3,101,400.

Details: With the south shore eroding at an average rate of around 15 feet annually and as much as 50 per year in some places — not in this area — 6 Walbang Ave. really is the kind of beach house a person needs these day. About a five-minute walk to the beach is plenty close enough to hear the ocean even on a calm day and smell it all the time. The house is beautiful and simple and not too big, but the location really is the best part. 


Information courtesy:  NAREB/Nantucket Property News and the Town of Nantucket