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Pilgrim Extension house

Nantucket Island Rental Market

Island Homeowners entering into the Nantucket Rental Market ….

Many wonder about renting their island homes and what is their first step in the process.  The initial part is finding a realtor with whom you can consult about pricing.  Depending upon the house's location, size and condition, the realtor will help you determine the correct figure an owner would ask for a weekly, monthly or a full season rental.

A realtor will determine a fair price according to similar rental house comparatives and current market conditions, thus assuring the “best” price for a vacation rental. Upon setting the price, the homeowner employs a real estate company to market and lease their property for agreed compensation. 

Once this happens then the next step takes place for the homeowner:  preparing their property for future tenants.  Next week, I will continue into the next phase of renting island residences.   Enjoy the week ahead because surprises abound around every corner !

Realtor Betsy Holden
Coffin Real Estate



[email protected]

Here is a  LINK to a property that a Nantucket homeowner rents weekly in the summer of 2013.  Prices differ according to the various months of the summer, but this will give you an idea about how such a house might be marketed.