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Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II Visits Nantucket for Race Week

This year Nantucket Race Week will be graced with a visit from an unusual guest, the three masted schooner, The Pride of Baltimore.

This visit is a particular highlight of Race Week which is the ninth attempt to pair a series of events on the water with the 40th annual Opera House Cup regatta. All these events raise funds for Nantucket Community Sailing, which has provided 12,000 children and adults since its inception the rewards of an experience on the waters of Nantucket. NCS is committed  to providing a responsible program for 1000 persons each summer to learn to sail in an environment of a Clean Regatta where the health and safety of the waters of Nantucket are paramount in the goals and objectives of the community.

The Pride of Baltimore is a replica of an earlier schooner which survived the onslaught of the British naval fleet during the War of 1812 when the US fleet was matched on the high seas with the best of the British navy.  Determined to match the fleet of square sails and three masted rigs, the Pride of Baltimore sailed out of Chesapeake Bay and staved off the onslaught until a surrender was achieved with a treaty and official end of hostilities on January 8, 1815. President James Madison declared that the British fleet was not  able to destroy the United States of America which could now pursue its manifest destiny of expanding from the east coast to the western Pacific,  Sadly the first  Pride sank in a storm in 1986 off Puerto Rico. This current model is a lovely reconstruction from 1988, fit with sails, trim and rigging as if it were sailing in the 19th century. It is 157 feet long and weighs 185.5 tons. What a thrill to have her in full sail in our Nantucket harbor for this race week !

Sharon N. Lorenzo has been coming to Nantucket since 1978 with her family of four children and husband Frank. They are active members of the Nantucket Yacht Club where Sharon sails with the Echo women’s syndicate of the IOD fleet.  She is also on the board of the Nantucket Arts Council , Nantucket Community Sailing and is  a member of the Nantucket Garden Club.  She is a member of the faculty of the  University of Pennsylvania Law School where she teaches class on art law and cultural heritage policy. She also writes art reviews for an online blog, A Sharp