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MD in Tucson and Bisbee Arizona

Post Card from the road

Tucson Mountain Park
Tanque Verde Falls

As you may know, my mom has been traveling for the past few weeks, and just the other day I got a letter and some pictures from her trip:

Dear Marty,

I miss you so much! I hope you’re being a good girl while I’m away. I just spend the last few days in Tucson, Arizona, and I really missed having you around. You would have loved it there.

I took day trip down south to a small artist community called Bisbee. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people out and about with their pooches. I stopped to talk to a local dog (above) who was just relaxing in his yard. He said Bisbee was a wonderful place for dogs to visit with their parents. Most of the inns and B&B are pet-friendly and when you walk up and down Main Street the shopkeepers and artists welcome four-legged and two-legged creatures in to look around. On a nice day, dogs sit alongside their owners and enjoy a coffee or sandwich on restaurant terraces.

I also got to do some hiking in the mountains surrounding Tucson proper. I headed west into Tucson Mountain Park one morning. I’m not sure your sensitive stomach would have liked the drive down West Gates Pass Road which curves up and down through the mountains, but a long hike up the trails would have been an anecdote to your car sickness.

The next day I headed east up to Tanque Verde Falls, which you would have really enjoyed.  Great views of the city and plenty of paths to explore.

Now I’m off to snowy Salt Lake City and then home. I hope you are staying warm.

Remember: No chewing and no begging. And no climbing on the furniture unless they say it’s okay.

Much love!


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i just like the dog, his so cute. and loveable too. besides, the backdrops is so cool. looks like in good old days. cheers.