Nantucket Portraits

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Jay Parkes

Rob Smith

What brought you to Nantucket?

"My dad has been traveling for years. He started out working for Something Natural. So my mom came up, then my brother. So I was the only one left in Jamaica. They would work and send back money, then one day I was like "you know what? I wanna visit the states." So I came up in late 2011 on a J-1, and here I am."

What inspired you to want to stay on Nantucket?

"The people here are very loving. Very loving, very kind. I see where I can be very sucessful in the future, if I work and save my money. But most of all, my lovely wife, who I met a year ago. It's been such a blessing, we are so much in love, and so happy."

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

"In ten years? I see myself having my own house, maybe a child, but just like I am now I'd like to be enjoying Nantucket and working hard."

What do you think you can get out of life on Nantucket that you couldn't get back in Jamaica, besides the financial oportunities?

"Peace and quiet. And simple things, like the look on a client's face when I detail their car. The look of satisfaction... it's not much but it's all I need."

What motivates you?

"My family, my wife's family, the support that they give me... it's more than I could ask for."

Is there any piece of advice you'd give to anyone reading this?

"My advice to the young people of Nantucket is to be hospitable, especially to senior citizens. Maybe 90% of my friends are senior citizens. I try to be as helpful as I can, and they know that I'm available if they ever need help with something."

Subject: Jay Parkes
Location: Tom Nevers
Date: January 30th, 2016

Humans of Nantucket, modeled after the famous Humans of New York, intends to portray various members of the island community who share with us their lives, dreams and hopes.

Robert Smith is a local landscape and portrait photographer. He will soon begin building a website to feature his work, and will also shortly provide links to his Flickr and Instagram accounts. He can be reached at 508-221-6926