Nantucket Portraits

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Humans of Nantucket

Rachel Fabiszak

“What has been your greatest struggle and or challenge?”

“I struggled with depression and anxiety for years. I think it’s something to continue to bring into the light. It’s not something that a lot of people like to talk about. Once I came to recognize and understand it, I was able move through it and treat it. It definitely shifted my mind set. My biggest challenge was having that awareness and losing my mother and partner three years ago back to back. That was definitely my biggest period of challenge and struggle. But it changed my life so much and has brought me here into this place where I feel like I’ve healed a great deal. I still have struggles, as we all do. The beauty of it is being able to admit and face our struggles and move through them and with them instead of pushing those things away and resisting. Taking them on and facing them, and doing something with it.”

“The line on my business cards says “From Tragedy to Treasure.”

“We can take those challenges and let them eat away at us forever or we can find practices that allow us to move through them. And for me that’s what the bead work has been about and its how I have been able to connect with people. Through our struggles and through our celebration and all of it. Really drilling down to what makes us all tick and connect is what brings me the greatest joy now.”

Subject: Clay Twombly
Location: His studio at 2 Union Street
Date: April 15th, 2015

Humans of Nantucket, modeled after the famous Humans of New York, intends to portray various members of the island community who share with us their lives, dreams and hopes.

Photographer and island native Rachel Fabiszak owns Rachel Fabiszak Photography.