Nantucket Portraits

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Humans of Nantucket

Rachel Fabiszak

“If you had one piece of advice to give somebody what would it be?”

“That you have to believe in yourself, because that’s where it starts. Once you believe in yourself I think you could really overcome obstacles knowing that you believe yourself to be able to do things like that. To be able to step forward, to be able to accept challenges. To believe in yourself doesn’t mean you won’t fail, doesn’t mean that you won’t make mistakes. You believe in yourself that you’re going to get it done. There will be trials and tribulations and false starts and missed steps. But you believe in yourself that it could happen.”

Subject: Joan Skar
Location: Bartlett's Ocean View Farm greenhouse
Date: February 27th 2015

Humans of Nantucket, modeled after the famous Humans of New York, intends to portray various members of the island community who share with us their lives, dreams and hopes.

Photographer and island native Rachel Fabiszak owns Rachel Fabiszak Photography.