Nantucket Portraits

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Humans of Nantucket

Rachel Fabiszak

“What makes you happy?”

“What makes me happy I would have to say would be peace of mind. I discovered that about five years ago. I was so busy worrying about the next day and what would happen. And then I figured I needed to put some things in order in my life. I then discovered piece of mind. It’s the most beautiful thing. I would wake up every morning in fear of anxiety but, it's gone, it’s not there anymore. I wake up with a fresh start. Things may not go my way but, life still goes on. Peace of mind is the most beautiful thing one could have. It was a hard process and it took me awhile.”

“How did you get there?”

Well I like to write a lot. I am not very vocal sometimes but, I love to write a lot. I sit down and read my diary and say to myself why did I do this? Why am I giving that person the satisfaction? How did I end up in this position? What can I do to make it better? One of the people that have inspired me the most is Joel Osteen. He is one of the most well known evangelists in the country. I listen to him every Tuesday night. His sermons always are appealing to me. He is one of those people that inspire me to do better and my friends too. I know there’s somewhere in me that’s stronger and can do better.  Plus, I have my daughter who looks up to me.”

Subject: Cavel Mattison
Location: Squam Swamp
Date: December 12th, 2014

Humans of Nantucket, modeled after the famous Humans of New York, intends to portray various members of the island community who share with us their lives, dreams and hopes.

Photographer and island native Rachel Fabiszak owns Rachel Fabiszak Photography.