Nantucket Portraits

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Humans of Nantucket

Rachel Fabiszak

“There are so many proud individual moments of each child that it’s hard to pick one that I am most proud of. But the joy is the same for all the kids. I received so much pleasure when they were little. Especially of watching their reaction to life and watching them experience something. I remember distinctly Amelia’s first day home from the hospital and her experiencing wind going across her little baby face and her little baby reaction. That was pure humanity and pure joy. That I experienced with all the kids and I love it. Loved it. Even at their age now as young adults. Watching them experience relationships, jobs, success, and failure.  I have the same joy now for them that I had when they were little.”---Kate O'Connor, Nantucket Island, October 2014

Humans of Nantucket, modeled after the famous Humans of New York, intends to introduce us to members of the island community we might not already know, and to share in their lives, dreams and hopes.  Photographer Rachel Fabiszak owns Rachel Fabiszak Photography.