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Another Poem From the Nantucket Semester

Windblown Beach

Baby I’ll canyon
Crevice of sand blown snow
Like caramel slathered on
Pristine vanilla yogurt

Traces of a presence
Punctured in the past
Left for today’s daunting
Dancing twirling eyes

Glimmer of our creator
Kissing the force that
Dominates our home
Dancing, twirling, dizzying
Embrace from unseen arms

Little sprig
Show yourself
Rise above the dusted

The infinite erosion
Making walls from
Little bits of explosions
That forever leave the moment
Caught for us to see

Shells forever listening

To the humming of the moon
The sun the wind
The shadow that sees

Frozen waves of sand
Crackling under the kiss
Of my momentary greeting
In that moment there is bliss

Where do you begin?
Where do I stop?
Does anything ever
Really stop?

Erubiel Rodriguez