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Rub a Dub Dub, Big Dog in the Tub

A New Do It Yourself Dog Wash for Nantucket

OK, so it was a small dog, but that’s all I had on hand when I went to try out the new DIY dog wash on Nobadeer Farm Road: The Dog Wash, Nantucket.

WHY didn’t I think of this idea? For only $10—yes, that’s right, $10—you can bring in your beach-sand-coated Malamute, Maltese or mutt, hop him into an ergonomic bath stall and have him shiny and new in no time.

Here’s what I like about this place: 

  •     It's clean. 
  •     There are free dog treats available.
  •     It has great parking—enough for at least 5 cars. Easy in, easy out. 
  •     It’s a do-it-yourself outfit. 
  •     It’s cheap! $10 buys you 10 minutes of fun in the tub. (I only needed about 5 minutes, but I have a small dog. If you have a larger dog, you might be paying $15, but, hey, we pay that for one cocktail on Nantucket!)
  •     It has great hours—9 am-7pm.

My suggestions for a soaking good time:

  •     Read the instructions BEFORE starting up the machine.
  •     Take the water hose OFF the hook BEFORE hitting any of the buttons. Yeah, definitely do that. Each time. Every time. OFF the hook first.
  •     Be sure to leave enough time to use the “disinfect” button. You probably only need about 30 seconds to 1 minute for this, but it ensures that you leave it clean and flea-free for the next customer.
  •     Bring a large dog towel with you. My dog was petrified of the blow dryer, so she left soaked. Though they do sell little drying towels, I recommend bringing a large one from home. (However, it’s nice to know that if you forget one, there are some available for purchase.)

The Dog Wash, Nantucket, is located at 51 Nobadeer Farm Road, right at the very end of Old South Road. (508) 825-5640. 

A Dog’s Life, Nantucket, explores the many dog (and other animal)-related issues on Nantucket. Stephanie Henke co-founded Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals and created and manages Nantucket Dog Walk, a website dedicated to the many glorious dog walks on Nantucket.