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No Rain on this Doggie Parade!

You may remember it: April 26th, 2014. Rain spilling from the skies. Damp, disheveled revelers wandering Main Street, their daffodil fascinators limp, their enthusiasm faltering. A sea of umbrellas bobbing along a near-empty Main Street. And dozens of dressed up dogs . . . with no where to strut. The Daffy Dog parade—and most of the Nantucket Daffodil Festival—cancelled.

But not this year. The weather is looking promising for the 2015 Daffodil Festival and Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals’ Daffy Dog Parade. So it’s time to get going on those daffodil-themed doggie duds! Each year the costumes get more elaborate, more outlandish. Don’t be shy—go all out to be sure your dog wins one of the top honors.

To register, head to the corner of Main and Federal Streets (next to The Hub) on Saturday, April 25th, 10-12. The parade starts at 12:30, directly following the car procession. The dogs will prance in a horseshoe up and then down Main Street. The audience will cheer. The judges will judge. The prizes will be bestowed.

Don't miss the canine chaos as the dogs come out for Nantucket’s season opener. Hope to see you all there!