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Homemade Pup Toys

The BarkBox has compiled a list of 33 homemade toys for your dog!  Many of the toys use simple household items that everyone has lying around and are not difficult to put together.  While we wait for spring time temeratures to creep a little higher, these toys offer a break from indoor boredom for your pets.  If you already have plenty of dog toys, consider making one or two to donate to the local shelter.  Homeless pups love the chance to play.   Whatever keeps a dog distracted can be a welcome relief.  Below are my top ten favorites.

1.) T-Shirt wrapped water bottle - they love that crinkling noise!

2.) Tennis Ball toss toy - you can never have enough of those

3.) Tennis Ball Treat Puzzle - a little effort goes a long way

4.) Shredded Treat Box - canine recycling

5.) Super Chomper Rope Toy - for the real chewers!

6.) PVC Puzzler - another thinking toy

7.) Pupsicles - a tasty cool treat

8.) Chasing Toy - easier than playing fetch

9.) Foxtail - a wild throw

10.) Muffin Tin Puzzler - this game can also be used to slow fast eaters by dividing kibble into seperate tins

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