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Cheer for Chihuahuas

Did you know that Chihuahuas are the 2nd most euthanized breed in animal shelters across America?  There are entire "puppy mills" devoted to pumping out Chihuahuas to be sold in pet stores.  If you are not already aware of how puppy mills operate, they are vile and horrific factory style farms where dogs of a certain breed are kept in small, dirty cages their entire lives, devoid of human affection, fresh air and other basic necessaties.  People who own and operate puppy mills do so to serve their own greed and lust for money and have no regard for the living creatures they enslave. 

Unfortunately,  these dogs are also seen as "designer" and many people jump at the chance to buy that "cute little puppy" at the store, not contemplating the pup's origins.  Often these people are unprepared to care for a puppy an entire lifetime and surrend the pet as soon as it becomes inconvenient.  Moral of the story: NEVER buy a dog at a pet shop.  There are so many rescue alternatives.  Please watch little Teddy's remarkable recovery from puppy mill dog to happy, well adjusted and loved member of the family.  There are millions of Chihuahuas available for rescue, please adopt today.

See Teddy's heartwarming tale on video below.