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The time is now to hit the trails off of the Windswept bogs

Yesterday, on a rainy trail ride with my four legged trail buddy I got a wonderful surprise.  The crew from the Nantucket Conservation Foundation has been putting some work in clearing the trails around the Windswept cranberry bogs. For anyone who hasn’t been there, whether you walk, run, or ride, this area is outstanding.  The trails weave and wind around the swampy ponds, over bridges, across ridges and down hills.  Usually in the summer these trails have become clogged and swollen with vegetation, making them nearly impassable.  This year the trail crew has beaten back the brush, and left us a tunnel of green to move through.  The vegetation won’t hold back and as cranberry season draws near, seize the moment now to get out and enjoy the trails.  Most days you can be the only person in sight once you get on the single-track. Yesterday I saw four osprey perched over the pond and sweeping views of the textured clouds rolling through.

Watch for bees as they are working hard to pollinate, and be conscious of trucks out there working but most times you can have the place to yourself.  Keep your dogs close as other people will be out and the drainage ditches can be home to some disgruntled snapping turtles.  Be ready for bridges over most of the mud, but you will get your feet wet.  If it’s your first time bring a map as the web of loop after loop can get confusing, but I can’t think of a better place to get a little lost.