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The Joys of Running

Whether it’s a Sunday long run training for a marathon or your first jog in years, the benefits of running are ten-fold.  Add in this beautiful island's many bike paths, dirt roads, and secluded beaches and you have an excellent outdoor activity.  So leave those headphones at home, take in the scenery, and breath in that fresh (and non-polluted) ocean breeze. 

If you are looking for a social run with all abilities and levels you can try the Brant Point Runners 5k every Tuesday at 5:30 at the corner of North Beach St and Easton St.  This is a great way to meet other runners, find out other secret routes, and chat with other runners that you may not come across throughout the year. 

One of my favorite runs is anything route that consists of Madequecham Rd/New South Rd.  Here's a link to 5 mile run in the moors that you may like.  Stay healthy!

Jason Bridges
Nantucket Bike Tours