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Iron Man Relay Race

A Team Sport for Your Family and Friends

Iron Teams Relay Race

Looking for a fun team race for you, your family, and/or your friends to jump into this summer? How about the Iron Teams Relay Race, which benefits Mentoring Youth Nantucket.  Grab 5 of your buds and assign one of the six legs consisting of swimming, running, paddling, or cycling.  Check out the link below to see details of all six legs. 

If you are looking for a challenge you can always do the entire race by yourself, but make sure you have a support team (trust me on this one!).  I've done this race 4 times on a team and 4 times solo, either way there is no doubt you will have a great time. 

One piece of advice: if you are trying to assemble a team, find your swimmer and paddle board/paddler first as they are usually the hardest to nail down.

The barbecue cookout and live music at the finish always proves to be a great time to share your experience and plan for next year's race.  Stay healthy!