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Headphones or No Headphones

Should we be running with music?

To wear headphones while you run or to not?  This is the debate that's been going back and forth the past 20 years and still exists today.  Personally, I rarely use headphones.  Connecting with your surroundings and listening to your breathing and foot strike are more important than trying to forget the fire burning in my lungs.  Headphones are a must for many people as it is relaxing and motivating.  I get that, really I do.  However, I would suggest to not wear them every once and awhile.  For the pros and cons of listening to music check out this article in Runner's World.,7120,s6-240-466--13768-0,00.html

How do you enjoy your runs?  Hard core dedicated to your headphones or are your ears free to the world?


I used to never use headphones running - always enjoyed the sounds of nature. Then I moved to a place where I had to run on a treadmill in the winter (hard to run on roads with a foot deep of packed snow!!!!) I find treadmills soooo boring so the motivational music came out and I just got used to it. I should try a run in the Moors sans headphones though!

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Treadmills make time creep by very slowly, so I agree that a distraction of some type does help.  I personally like to monitor my (out of control) breathing so I tend to not use them on treadmills.  Thanks for the post!

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I'm not a runner, but I love that you're advocating for a run sans ear buds.  It seems like everyone is always plugged in and tuned out these days with our addiction to all manner of technology.  Sometimes it's nice to just take in the sounds of the waves, or the wind in the moors, or the beautiful birdsong.