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Bam LaFarge's boat

Losing Bam LaFarge

Bigelow's Bluff, Tuckernuck

Notes on the Universe and Kindred Topics as Seen from Tuckernuck

You heard him first.

Great honking cries resolve to a nasal twang

As he hove into view, making for the landing;

Dog-in-the-bow as the skiff warps the pier.

Leaps down -- dog, then man -- crabwalks, barefoot, saltysandy.

Gapped grin, hand smooth like sharkskin, gnarled fist, bird's nest -wreath of hair, 

Sharp skewer-wit, fools not gladly suffered, 

But in his heart there was music.  


Boat Photo: Bam's Facebook page
Bigelow's Bluff house photo: courtesy of the author
Title of the poem was also the title of the journal that William Sturgis Bigelow kept while on Tuckernuck: