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Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals

Saving Bunny

Nantucket Safe Harbor for animals has faced some difficult decisions in recent months regarding the humane care for animals in our charge.  This is the story of Bunny, a small cat whom NSHA, along with Offshore Animal Hospital, was able to assist - a happy tail if you will!

A few weeks ago, a small kitty who was obviously hurt, was found running along Hummock Pond Rd.  It was bitter cold on the day she was found and her little ears had frostbite on the tips. The couple who spotted her stopped immediately to scoop her up.  They took her to Offshore Animal Hospital on a Saturday afternoon.  If you own a pet, you are probably aware that the animal hospital is not open on the weekends but by emergency call only.  Dr. Jen Fraker came in on the emergency call, and gave the small cat fluids and antibiotics.  Dr. Fraker determined that the cat had been shot with buckshot in both back legs, possibly by a rabbit hunter.  Dr. Fraker reached out to NSHA Board President, Pam Murphy to discuss  the options.  Had the cat been feral (noticeable by a notch in the ear) this situation may have been passed along to Cattrap Nantucket.  The poor thing was covered in ticks and fleas but ate voraciously and seemed quite friendly despite her obvious pain and fear, purring with gratitude.  Dr. Fraker and Pam decided that NSHA would take temporary ownership and cover the cost of the required leg amputation.   Dr. Fraker named the tiny cat Bunny and performed the surgery on Monday to remove the shattered leg and the rest of the buckshot out of the other.  Bunny has broken toes on the good leg as well which will heal on their own.

Dr. Shanna Minor, another vet at Offshore, fell in love with Bunny. She is the sweetest, most affectionate kitty and yet so stoic.   Dr. Minior has two birds and figured Bunny would be less of a threat to them to to her diminutive size!  After she recovered from her surgery, Dr. Minor officially adopted Bunny from Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals.  We at NSHA are delighted to have been able to finance her initial care and surgery and are grateful to all our donors who make it possible for us to do this work.  She’s in good hands and in a good place, spending her days at the hospital where everyone gives her tons of attention and evenings at home with Shanna, the birds and Mobey the dog.

Please remember that NSHA operates solely on donations and grants.  We are able to use the money in situations like this.  Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to our animal shelter when you are able.  We apperciate the community's support, and so do animals like Bunny!  Click HERE to make a secure donation online.  As always, thank you!