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Puppy Bowl IX

The Ninth Annual Puppy Bowl will air on Sunday, Feb 3rd at 3 pm, produced by Animal Planet.  For those of us who aren't fixated on the football game, the Puppy Bowl is a welcome dose of cuteness.  Each year, Animal Planet makes an effort to highlight puppies who are up for adoption, available through various rescue groups and shelters.  Making their debut in this year's Puppy Bowl will be Biscuit and Butterscotch, two sweet dogs rescued by the Sato Project in Puerto Rico. 

There is a place in Puerto Rico referred to as Dead Dog Beach.  When Chrissy Beckles, founder of the Sato Project, first became aware of this desolate location she began to volunteer her time to help find these dogs real homes.  The term "sato" is slang for mutt.  Due to overpopulation and lack of spay/neuter options, dogs were being dumped and occasionally harrased or tortued at Dead Dog Beach.  The Sato Project has made a great impact on reducing the number of dogs left there, as well as placing homeless dogs in loving homes. 

A total of 63 rescue pups will participate in this year's Puppy Bowl.  This short video highlights Biscuit's upcoming performance in the bowl.  So when you need a break from the men in tights - cheer for the pups!  Happy Super Bowl everyone.

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